I am Tammy Olsen.

I love helping my clients find the right tools to allow their own bodies greater physical, emotional, and spiritual health and wholeness.

A bit about my history…

As a 12-year Air Force Veteran, a wife, mother, and Holistic Health Practitioner, I have learned that life brings unique challenges and adventures to each one of us. I have also been blessed to discover powerful tools and resources along the way that have opened my world to new ways of living and new levels of joy and wellness.

I love to learn and have completed a Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering, a Masters of Human Relations and a Masters of Science in Complementary Alternative Medicine. My husband calls me a perpetual student because I continue to take classes and learn as much as I can.

I am passionate about natural health and healing, and enjoy practicing as a Mentor, a Certified Aromatherapist, a Simply Healed Practitioner, a trained Light Therapy Coach, and a Guided Imagery Practitioner.

I am also a mother of twenty-some year old and a teenager who keep me on my toes!

I enjoy traveling and exploring the beauties of the earth, and I currently live in Okinawa, Japan with my husband, my children and our dog, Lilah.

Why I do what I do…

Throughout the years, I have felt fortunate to get to know, serve, and learn from so many beautiful, talented, and unique individuals. I believe in finding the greater purpose and perspective in each opportunity life brings my way and thrive in knowing I can share the things I’ve learned to serve and uplift those around me.

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If you’re ready to clear negative beliefs and emotions, or just want to learn more about tools you can use in your everyday life for greater joy and relief, schedule a call and I’ll walk you through some simple, but powerful options and solutions.