Simple and effective guided imagery and healing techniques to help clear negative emotions on a mental, emotional, and physical level.

Essential Oils

Discover the natural healing power and benefits of essential oils. Learn about the unique benefits of oils and how to use them in your life.

Audio & Home Study Programs

Uncover your true identity, find your purpose, and discover the power of your story with training and tools you can implement at your own pace.

Discovering Your Story and Who You Really Are

Many of us wonder, who am I? What makes me special or unique? What do I have to contribute? Answers can be hard to find, especially in times of hardship or when major changes happen in our lives. I believe you have beauty and strength inside of you that’s far beyond what you realize. I’d love to help you figure out who you really are at your core and find the tools to lead a more confident and centered life.

Tools and Resources For a Happier, Healthier Life

There are tools, techniques, and resources out there that can help you not only weather the storms of life with added confidence and strength, but can lift you into a higher sense of purpose and happiness. I’d love to help empower you with simple, natural solutions and can walk side by side with you as you learn how to implement and use them to uplevel and optimize your life.


I can not say enough about Simply Healed.   Our 2 yr old has been struggling with her speech and has been displaying some behaviors that are typical of autism. After just one Simply Healed session, she has added several words to her vocabulary and has also stopped banging her head.  I feel like I’m actually communicating with her now.   Thank you for giving parents a way to help their children.

M.L. Payson, UT

I am so grateful for Simply Healed! I love the feeling I get when something has been cleared for me. It is so wonderful to know that there are reasons for the way I feel and once I know what they are, I can get rid of them forever! I’m excited for the day when I can become certified to do Simply Healed! It has changed my life and I want to help others change their lives! Thank you Tammy and Carolyn for your gifts and sharing them with the rest of us!

H.B.Indianapolis, IN

I want to say how much I appreciate the clearing of energies I have received from Tammy Olsen, it has been life changing for me.

The first thing is I want to say is that Tammy provides me with such a safe environment.  I feel comfortable with her going to those areas she needs to access. I don’t fully understand what she does but it works.

Second I would like to talk about a very recent session I had with Tammy a few days ago. It was one of the biggest energy moving sessions I have ever had. I actually slept for 36 hours off and on so my body could process and take care of the energy change.  When I was I done, some exciting things started to occur. I started attracting the people I needed for my business and the money flow is getting stronger.

I know I have more work to do, but I feel blessed I have Tammy Olsen and her skills as a powerful tool to facilitate the changes when needed.

S.S.Denver, CO