Alternate Nostril Breathing

Do you ever feel like your energy seems to have drained away and you can’t seem to reclaim your sense of emotional peace and physical relaxation? It’s these moments of stress and unbalance that can quickly spiral out of control and affect our overall well-being.

What we need in these moments is a simple, yet powerful method that helps us get back on track. The Alternate Nostril Breathing technique may be the answer you are looking for.

This basic breathing exercise can have an immediate impact on how we feel, calming and soothing our entire nervous system while providing a much needed boost of energy. It only requires 3-5 minutes of time, so it’s easy to fit in at almost any time of the day.

Here’s how Alternate Nostril Breathing works:

  • First, sit in a comfortable position on the floor or in a chair. Make sure you’re in a position where you can keep your spine straight.
  • With your thumb and index fingers of your right hand, make a “U” shape.
  • Use your thumb to close off your right nostril and your index finger to close off your left nostril as instructed below.
  • Close your left nostril with your index finger and inhale deeply through your right nostril.
  • Then close your right nostril with your thumb and exhale through your left nostril.
  • Now, alternate by inhaling through your left nostril deeply, then closing the left nostril and exhaling through your right one.
  • Repeat this exercise, alternating nostrils, for 3 to 5 minutes.
  • To finish, inhale deeply and hold your breath for a few seconds. Then, lower your hand and exhale.

That’s it! As you can see, it is a very simple exercise and yet so effective!

Use it when you need to calm your nerves before walking into an important meeting or interview.  Practice it just before the kids come home from school demanding your attention and energy. Try doing it when you are about to engage in a meaningful conversation with a loved one or business associate.

Alternate Nostril Breathing is a technique that can be used whenever you need emotional clarity, a sense of physical well-being or just a moment of relaxation. You will be surprised at the difference you will feel after just a few minutes!